thoughts on a new coffee bar and venue in downtown roseburg, oregon

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Local Expert Forum

One way to link people of different experiences, view points, and education levels could come together, in an environment where an "expert" ie college professor, retired business person, poet, war veteran leads a discussion or gives a talk about their favorite topic or area of expertise.

Finding a Local Identity

I feel like Roseburg has an identity crisis. Many people see this as a conservative retirement community. While this maybe true, there is an element that is much more alive and looking for something to grab onto.

When forming a new "thing" we have to be careful to try to tap into this community and find the life that is there and cultivate it, without superimposing too much prefab starbucks culture.

There are directors who need a place to stage their play. Their are plays that the high school and uact and jacoby wouldn't touch because of the budget or the director's lack of experience or the subject matter.

Could we do live painting along side a gallery of the artists works?

Oregon Car Free Places

Oregon Portland RiverPlace, pedestrian promenade about 1/2 mile (800 m) long (the only large car free area); pedestrian alleys connect other buildings to the promenade; the site is 73 acres (300,000 m²) 1,200 Mixed-use development along the riverfront including apartments, retail, restaurants, a small market, and a waterfront pedestrian promenade
Oregon Portland Portland Center, two pedestrian streets run parallel through the development, which includes two parks (car free streets total about 1 mile (1.6 km) length) 1200 Mixed-use development with apartments, retail, and offices

Jupiter Hotel/Doug Fir Lounge

Cheryl and I went and saw a Buck 65 concert just before Christmas up at the Doug Fir Lounge. I was immediately impressed by the uniqueness of the hotel. There were people standing out in the courtyard/parking lot area. Many of them made me feel pretty vanilla. There were creatives to goths to normals to ravers. Most were there to see Buck do his thing. The entire hotel had a 50's retro feel (especially the spartan rooms) and the exterior. The lobby was a dark mirrored finish almost everywhere with pendant lights. All attendants were wearing black, most of them in their twenties. When we were in the lounge for the concert I was surprised by the diversity of people coming to see an obscure underground rapper. Their were people in their late fifties wearing sweaters and wives with glasses and bob cuts who were rapping right along with buck!

With the right vibe, the right mix of talent, and some good promotion, an eclectic mix of people is brought together on a weekly basis to experience dependably good, and diverse entertainment.


McMenamins is synonymous with a good time. It has transitioned from a pub chain and brewer to an entertainment empire. Their hotels include movie theaters, spas, multiple restaurants, arts, community rooms, and atmosphere. They reach out to the offbeat and artistic with public readings, poetry which facilitates a more local feel. They also host concerts for indies and some big names.

Interesting Renovated Architecture - tying history and current pop culture
Alternative Company Culture
Good Food & Beer
Constant Communication with Customers via web, newsletters
Events - movie fests, concerts, wine festivals, hosted dinners

More Ideas

Revitalize downtown OR push to get Mill-Pine redeveloped as a water front/oldtown
remodel motel

What is lacking in Roseburg?

Good Food
Good Hotels/B&B
Diverse Entertainment

What is needed?

What kind of hotel would be of benefit in Roseburg. Would something like the Jupiter work here?
What does it take to promote concerts?
Artist Relations - Agents
What is a reasonable fee?
Become a spot on concert tours
Sound Equipment

A Destination

A lot of what i see at cooltownspaces is a mix of indoor and outdoor. this is of course partly because many of these ideas are much greater than an individual store and encompass the community. but, even in the example of keywest, patios were a key element. In Oregon's climate, is there a viable way to incorporate the outdoors with patios, street markets, terraces on a year round or regular basis?


I like Cooltown a lot. There are some great pictures. I've only had a small chance to peruse some articles. I liked the one about sense of community linked below. I think we're on the same track. I'm glad you said less of "mall." I also see something outside the walls. I would like to think that most of what is needed in Roseburg is a unifying vision of what can be.

Less of a "mall" than a comfortable destination that will attract a vibrant crowd. I want to create
an energy with just the space. My vision expands beyond these walls and with bit of focus and
direction will move downtown Roseburg into the forefront of our community.
What do you think of the cooltown site?

Tons of ideas.

Questions for Dick and Ray

What is the base that you want? Does this look like a restaurant/coffee with room for "entertainment" ie art, short films, bands... or more a cool "mall" of artisans...?
Where do you want to go with this? How big does this get? Does it move beyond the four walls, and through what vehicle?

Community Building

How to build a sense of community

Utilizing the Fifth Discipline principles of systems thinking, we bring to you a representation of why cities, especially their economic development departments that manage the largest of budgets, choose to invest in the outdated practice of landing 'the big one' rather than cultivating its own creative economy that is known to create jobs more effectively.

Some Useful People

Jack Ball - restaurant
Lynette Wikstrom - restaurant
Roland Theiss - finance
Mark @ Caffeine Machines
Roadrunner - Equipment
Mark Buechley - Finance
Clint Newell - Half Shell
Denny Miller - Sound & Stage feasability


Bring in half shell for small cover, intimate setting - extend and compliment what is already going on, and build a basis for bringing in other outside talent. -

Brett Dennen's website - social change + music

Promote local bands with web radio on our page, promote to high schools, go for talent that hits crystal ball and doug fir and eugene venues

What is better than wifi? - what is web 2.0/useful cool, not gimmicky - Apple TV/music, vlog/pic blog, twitter - posted on a big screen, public discussion broadcast

Local Wines
Hawk's Brewery (other local breweries?)
Local Home brew Fest
Wine Fest
Lighthouse Bakery
Fog Mountain Chocolates
Farmer's Market
Local Bands
Evening Desserts
Food? How much, prep area
Soups tortilla, BLT, french onion, black bean chicken chili
Sandwiches - muffuletta, meatball, panini
Salad - Raspberry/Lime Vinaigrette
Cheesecake, Chocolate, Williams Sonoma Cup Cakes, Truffles
Showcase for local caterers
Monthly Cover Charge/Ticket Purchase - Bands, Food, Host/Drama
Art Gallery
Short Films
First Friday/Integration with Downtown events - bring them together - The Roseburg Summer Festival Season...

Raise capital through local stock sale

Library/book club

Considerations for New Space


Security of BBG offices
Rolling Grille or Sliding Gate
Jeffrey's commitments to Overhead Door
Hire & Train Replacement
Start-up costs
Bar - can Vern build?
modern or ornate?

Espresso Machine - $6000.00 - la marzocco - the best of course!

Roaster - $10,000.00-$15k
Refrigeration - Under the bar fridges -(2-3)
Dish Washer
Plumbing & Electrical
Boring Companies?
Tables & Chairs
Services Items (ie. cups, plates, spoons) - only use paper cups to go
Wine Glasses
Cold Case
Chairs & Tables - SOCO in M.C.
Cash register - Computer or just write on cups like starbucks? - Jackets/Cup Design

Liquidate Espresso Concession?
Liquor License
Roasting Facility
Kitchen Area - any room in back?
NAME! - Roseburg Social Club, The Antigua
Health Requirements
Further Espresso Training
Latte Art - Best coffee school - eugene
Is current climate control adequate?
What about noise?
How to partition space - visual/physical - square tube half walls, plants...